Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy August

So sorry for the lack of posting. August is a very busy month for us, full of birthdays and party planning and baking and parks and everything else. Lachlann had a big birthday party with a Cars theme. I love going all out for the kids' birthday parties.. party planning is my thing, I guess. So I had all sorts of decorations to make, from Detour signs to Rte 66 signs to signs for all the party games we had. The party went over really well.. I'm still working on getting the pictures all together, but I'll post a link to the album when I'm ready. Lachlann's birthday present from us this year was a trip to Coco Keys waterpark. Doug took Colwyn and Lachlann, while I stayed at home with the littles. It was strange not getting to participate, but I couldn't see spending an extra $64 just so Fiona and I could go. The kids really enjoyed it, though.

I'm off to make baked oatmeal now. I've been off the dieting bandwagon for the last two weeks or so, and now it's time to get back on. I'm going through sugar withdrawal all over again.. ugh.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to wish you luck getting back on the weight watcher bandwagon. I was on weight watchers for years before I had my daughter. Now, I'm 50 pounds up and have decided to try ww again. I love the recipes you have posted. Thank you!

  2. HI ! RACHEL
    My name is priya.I wish u all the best fo rur weight loss journey.i was the member of weight watchers earlier.As i started losing weight i decided to do on my one for some time.I lost my point tracking guide during my shifting from that place n gradually i was busy in adjusting to the new place.from ur previous journals today i can note some points.i wanted to start again as agained few pounds n it is being hard on me loosing them. Thank u.

  3. I will be going into sugar withdrawal myself. I have to get back on the wagon starting tomorrow. I started in January, lost 65 lbs. But now it's more like 50. I've been off the wagon for about two months. Now it's time to do the work again :) I'm a new follower.

  4. My sister in law had great success following the weight watchers plan (106 pounds) I've always fallen in to the fad diets and dropped and gained more pounds than I can count. I was happy to find others on the same journey and am happy to share in everyone's experiences good and sometimes not so good