Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Why should I ever post about my success? Time after time, I have to follow a post of "Woohoo! I'm awesome" with "Okay, nevermind, I suck."

Totally blew it this past weekend, but that was sort of to be expected, I guess. But then today, I've had an indecent amount of sugar. Ugh. The book I'm reading, Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating, says that after a binge is when you need to be kindest to yourself, and I can buy that. I know why I'm eating, and I know it's not helping any.. but I'm not doing so great at stopping myself.

I mean, really.. between accepting my life, trying to heal and grow.. and eating a handful of cookies.. why should't I choose the cookies? ;)

I will go to the gym tonight, I will.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Last Monday (1/23) I weighed in at 265.6. This past Monday, I weighed in at 262.8. And this morning, I weighed myself, and the scale read a beautiful 261. I'm feeling pretty good about myself today!

I've been eating well for the most part, staying within my ranges for calories, fat, protein, etc. I did splurge on Saturday when my husband and I went out to dinner, but that's part of the plan - stay on track all week, and enjoy myself on Saturday. I've also been going to the gym as much as humanly possible.. last week, I overdid it and had to take a day or two off, but so far this week I've been Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully I'll make it every night this week.

And in other news, I was productive this weekend, craft-wise. I made these adorable onesies and listed them (and a bunch of others) in my Etsy Shop.