Thursday, April 24, 2014

An Incredibles Birthday Party

Niall's birthday is coming up fast - he'll be four in just under two weeks.  I didn't really want to host his party at our house because we haven't gotten the backyard set up yet, so we decided to book a party at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire.  They don't allow decorating of the party room or anything, so I don't have too much to do in the way of party prep.  Niall did request an Incredibles theme, though, so I put together these cute invitations.

Not too bad, huh?  I wanted to do something with the Silhouette, since the Incredibles logo is so easy, but then I saw some really cute Photoshop invitations, so I whipped one up for the other side.

We just got a bunch of outdoor toys from Five Below to give out as favors, and we'll do pizza and cake.  Other than making the cake.. I'm pretty much done!  'Cause we all know how little time I put into cakes, right?

Actually, I'm going to do something pretty simple.  I think just a regular round or square cake, in red fondant with the Incredibles logo on the sides, and then put our Disney Infinity characters on the top.  When we looked through pictures on Google Images, that's what he seemed to like the most anyway.

Next up will be Fiona's party, and she's chosen a Frozen theme.  I'm pretty sure I'll go overboard with that one - partly because I love the movie, and partly because we didn't do a party for her last year (we did a super fun 'experience' instead).

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