Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trampoline Arenas Galore

In other efforts to ease their homesickness, I've upped our friend-making efforts.  Today we went to a homeschool session at a trampoline arena.  We've also got social plans tomorrow, Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

These trampoline arenas are all over the place down here.  I know of at least three, and I'm sure there are more.  We've been to one on the east side of Orlando (Airheads) a couple times, and I think I prefer that one to the one we went to today (SkyZone), even though it's 20 minutes further away.  There's an arcade (which we don't use) and they usually provide pitchers of water and cups.  It's also more open and spacious than the one we went today.

SkyZone is closer, but a little more expensive.  It's also a little smaller, and it was completely packed.  The kids were a bit overwhelmed with the crowd.  I liked seeing so many normal homeschool kids, and there were lots of older teens, too (it's nice to see homeschooled kids turning out okay).  But I was really disappointed that my kids were too intimidated to strike up conversations.

It's virtually impossible to get good pictures of the kids here.  None of my cameras are fast enough.  And yes, I realize that I just described it as being packed, and here are Colwyn and Lachlann in a wide expanse of trampolines, all alone - but that's because about 50 kids were crammed into a small Dodgeball area at this point.

I know it takes time to make friends, and I shouldn't get discouraged so easily, but I was really feeling down when we left SkyZone today.  There are just SO many homeschoolers here, that even though we try to get to a lot of different homeschool activities, we never seem to run into the same people - so it's hard for my kids to get acclimated to a group so they can start making friends.  I feel bad about pulling them away from their friends, and I feel bad that we haven't really clicked with anyone yet.  What we really need is to find a small group with kids their ages.  Next week will be the start of the Greek Mythology classes I'm teaching here at home, so that will hopefully fit the bill.

This is the hard part of moving far away from home.

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