Friday, February 13, 2015

Hollywood Studios - W(here)TF is the Hat?

We enjoyed our morning at Animal Kingdom so much that we went to Hollywood Studios on Friday morning.  The boys had been begging to ride Rock-n-Roller Coaster, so it was time to give them what they wanted.  It was really, really cold in the morning, though.  We actually had to bring hoodies (though we did take them off around noon).

We got there a little late, though, and had to wait in the huge lines to get through the tapstiles.  That meant we had to skip Toy Story Mania in order to get to our First Time In Forever:  A Frozen Sing-A-Long (or whatever it's called) Fast Passes.  This was a concession to Fiona, since she didn't get to ride much at Animal Kingdom, and she'd also have to skip RNR, too.

While we were walking in, though, the kids were amazed to see that they were dismantling the former park icon, Sorcerer Mickey's hat.  Doug and I had heard/read about it, but I guess we had somehow neglected to mention it to the kids.  They were totally bummed and insisted I take a picture of them in front of it, looking depressed.

On our way to the Frozen Sing-A-Long, we stopped to take a picture with the giant Coke bottle (which was not misting, obviously), and also stopped to check out the golden coach from the new Cinderella movie.  Fiona was enthralled.

 The Frozen show was, at first, a disappointment.  The first time we saw it, the 'historians' were the CMs who have done Hyperspace Hoopla in the YouTube videos we've seen, and they were amazing.  Obviously, they can't do every show, so I wasn't surprised that the CMs playing the historians were different, but it was a little disappointing.  However, like last time, the show was surprisingly good.  This was mainly because the male historian got a major case of the giggles and blew a significant portion of the show.  I know, not very professional, but I enjoyed it immensely.  The kids also learned a new Frozen joke, so.. win?

RNR was next, and after making sure they got into the Fast Pass line properly, the littles and I went into the gift shop to wait for them.  Niall saw this awesome Aerosmith hat and insisted on trying it on.

It was a little big.

The boys got through pretty quickly, so we let them ride again while the littles and I sat outside and ate Fruit Loops (well, they did, I didn't).  We enjoyed hearing people scream from the Tower of Terror.

We all really want to meet Baymax and Hiro, so we got in their line next.  Unfortunately, Baymax needed more than the 'usual' 15 minutes to recharge, so we had to get out of line after waiting for a good 20 minutes, otherwise we were going to miss our Star Tours Fast Pass.  Oh well, we'll try again after Winter Break is over.

Star Tours was awesome, of course, and afterwards we headed into the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.  It was MOBBED.  I've never seen it like that before, it was bonkers.

But we managed.  I showed the kids where I was going to wait for them, then watched them spend about 20 minutes playing in this giant spider web.  Kids.

Niall was not happy to have to leave, but again, the promise of a tram ride got him out of there.

That evening at storytime, the kids got out our Imagineering Field Guides and had fun looking through them.  The highlight was Niall, looking through the Hollywood Studios book, saying, "Oh!  We have to go to Hall of Presents tomorrow!  It's at Animal Kingdom!"

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