Wednesday, April 29, 2015

First Vet Visit

Luna is a riot.  Like most puppies, she is a complete goofball, clumsy and enthusiastic.  The kids think her little manic-puppy episodes are hysterical, and thankfully, she's only dashed head first into the sliding glass door once.  They don't really care for how often she pees in the house, despite walking her all.the.time (Lachlann texted my dad and told him that he walks Luna 50 times a day).

Just look at how little she is, though!  This is our coffee table she's sitting under, which isn't any higher than other coffee tables.  She's just minuscule.  Fiona is especially entranced with her.  When Luna is napping, Fiona will just lie down next to her and stare at her, occasionally looking up at me and whispering, "When will she wake up?"  Like all animals everywhere, Luna adores Lachlann.  I don't know what it is about Lach, but Luna just loves to climb all over him and lick him like crazy.  

This is how Luna sleeps.  Look at that puppy belly!  She always chooses to snuggle up to a stuffed animal (provided a human is not available).  Speaking of bellies, I called and pushed up her first vet visit because her belly was pretty distended, while she's practically skin-and-bones elsewhere.  She's also fond of rubbing her butt on the grass, so I suspected worms.

The vet was super nice, as always.  We'd just brought each of the cats in for their vaccines, in three separate visits.  We were a little reluctant to go back to the vet where we'd brought Maddy to be put to sleep, worried that it would be too emotional.  But it's the closest vet, and more importantly, everyone there was just incredibly sweet and supportive when we brought Maddy in.  Sure enough, I got choked up a few times during the first visit, and cried on the way home, but I've been okay since.  Our vet really loves cats, it was pretty sweet to see.  He especially likes black cats, and thus spent several extra minutes playing with Indy.  He was complimentary on the health of our kitties, and was positively impressed with their size.  I wasn't aware that our cats are bigger than average, but he said his three cats are all about 8 pounds, and ours are all around 16 pounds.  He didn't say they were fat, he seemed to think it's all muscle (as he put it, "My cats wouldn't stand a chance against yours!").

Anyway, back to Luna.  He checked her out and agreed that her belly looked wormy.  However, the test came back negative, so he decided to do a quick scan, free of charge, just to make sure it wasn't fluid in her belly.  When he came back, he said it was 'all stomach' and nothing to worry about, that she'd grow out of it - or into it?  I dunno.  But he gave us de-worming medication to be on the safe side, especially now that she's not one of fourteen puppies, eating each other's poop.  Ick.

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