Saturday, April 30, 2011

Walking 'Round and 'Round

My food choices haven't been stellar this week, but I've gotten out every day with the kids to walk around the block (.5 mile). We've also done a few park days, which usually involve lots of movement as I chase the kiddos around. Today, we all went to the beach and brought the dog. Pre-kids, we really focused on the dog - lots of obedience classes, including beginning agility, lots of outings to the beach, dog parks, wherever.. and so on. We really cut way back once we had kids, and I've been feeling bad about that. So today our Maddy got to run off-leash at the beach, she made plenty of new dog friends, and amazed us with her good manners and obedience. Plus, we all got a workout walking along the very LONG beach.

My goal for next week is to keep up the walks, and to start doing core strengthening on the exercise ball. My back and shoulders have been killing me lately (the baby is just SO heavy) and I really need to work on that.


  1. Hey Rachel,

    I love reading your blogs, I also weight the same as you, the only difference is Im 23 and have no kids, so I have no real reason apart from laziness and bad choices to account for my weight. Keep blogging, I will keep reading!

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