Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Art

This summer, we were able to attend a wonderful art program put on by the local library. Each week, they created artwork based on the art of a certain region - things like Aboriginal dot art, American quilts, and Chinese fish kites. Here are some pictures of what they created:

The kids had a great time. It was one of the few times they've consented to participate in a class where I wasn't involved and not really even present. They could see me for much of the time, and come get me if they needed me, but I wasn't in the room with them. Lachlann especially thrived on the praise from the librarian. He was very insistent on making sure she knew he was done so he could hear how much she loved his artwork.

Yesterday, we tried a project from the Story of the World activity book. I'm not really a fan of Story of the World - it's a little too Christian and a little too dry. But the activity book is wonderful. It's much easier to skip any activities we don't like, and there are so many creative ways for the kids to explore history. For example, yesterday the kids made cave paintings:

They really enjoyed themselves. We listened to shamanic drumming while we worked. Tomorrow we'll add some white and red highlights to the paintings.

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