Monday, June 18, 2012

Tangled Birthday Party: Aftermath

With all the time, energy, and money (well, most of it was done cheaply) I put into Fiona's Tangled birthday party, I wasn't about to just trash everything I had created.  Fiona and Niall share the smallest bedroom in our house, a room that we decorated in a knight and fairy princess theme.  It only made sense to incorporate the party decorations into their bedroom.

I put the more delicate decorations up on a high shelf that had previously contained some very dusty piggy banks and an old broken toy truck.

On the walls I hung some of the kingdom banners and Flynn Rider wanted posters.

I also strung up some of the dollar store paper lanterns from the ceiling.

The only thing that really took effort was reusing the yarn lanterns.  I strung them and a few of the paper lanterns on three lengths of fishing line, then hung them from the ceiling above Fiona's bed.

One of Fiona's gifts was something that my sister and I worked on together.  I'd seen something like this on Etsy but didn't want to pay for it, especially since I knew we could do it ourselves.  My sister painted the face, and I did the hair.  Now all of her clips, headbands, and elastics are neatly organized.

And last but not least:  the braids.  I just strung these along the windows in her room.  It's a pain getting a picture because of the exposure, but you get the idea.

Now every day is a Tangled birthday party in Fiona's room!

**A lot of the items I've mentioned can be purchased through my Etsy store.  If there's anything you'd like but don't see, convo me!**

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