Monday, June 18, 2012

Tangled Birthday Party: Games

Well, I've talked enough about the prep - let's talk about the actual party!

We had several games and activities ready.  The idea was to start off reading a Tangled book that we have because I knew several of the party guests weren't familiar with the movie.  I didn't want them confused about the other activities (which would seem pretty bizarre if you don't know the significance of frying pans or chameleons).  All the kids enjoyed the book, to be honest, and I'm glad I did it.  I'd worried it would be something to just rush through, but it was a sweet way to start the party.

After that, we made Pascal Party Blowers, which I found on several sites, but seems to have originated on the Disney Family site.  I modified a few things, though.  All the foam pieces were cut out ahead of time.  Then, following a suggestion I saw on another blog, we used googly eyes instead of foam eyes.  We used Glue Dots to stick them on, and also to stick the foam heads together around the party blowers once the kids drew the mouths and eyebrows on.  I thought this would be a throwaway activity, but the kids loved it.

We left the table after that so the kids could get up and move around.  Our next activity was Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider.  This was a lot of fun.  I drew a giant Wanted poster and cut out a ton of cardstock frying pans (thank you Silhouette!).  We used the ever-helpful Glue Dots to stick them on to the poster.

Once Flynn had been roundly beaten (each kid went at least twice), we went back to the table for another craft activity.  This time it was bottle cap necklaces of the kind you find everywhere on Etsy.  The kids thought this was a lot of fun, even the boys - I made sure to include a lot of funny images of Flynn, Pascal, Maximus, and the pub thugs.  Those necklaces got us some of the cutest pictures from the party:  Fiona and some of her friends checking out each other's necklaces.

While some of the kids were taking their time making their necklaces, we entertained the other kids by getting them to do funny poses with the Flynn Rider posters and the pinata.  We have some very silly kids around here.  But before we knew it, it was getting late and we had to hurry things along.  We skipped two of the games - a frying pan relay race with Pascal (and friends), and hide and seek with Pascal.  So we smashed open the pinata, which is always a good time.  Instead of filling it with a bunch of candy, I filled it with mostly toys - little plastic lizards and horses, Disney Princess rings, princess rubber ducks and pirate rubber ducks, and then a few Blow Pops and Starburst.

Cake and ice cream went by fast as always, and then it was time to pass out the goodies!  I'll admit to kind of out-doing myself here.  I made Rapunzel braids for all the girls, and felt satchels for the boys.  Imagine my dismay when all the girls declared they wanted satchels!  I promised them all that I would make them satchels as well, since I overbought felt anyway.  They did like the braids, though, really.  Everyone also got a set of Rapunzel watercolors.

Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I was so pleased to be able to give my princess the 'perfect' party!  The only problem now is.. where to turn my crafting energy?!  ;)

**A lot of the items I've mentioned can be purchased through my Etsy store.  If there's anything you'd like but don't see, convo me!**

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  1. How much did cost you to do the Rapunzel braids