Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disney Night, Crafting, and Engineering

Are you ready for a picture-filled post?  I sure hope so.

Every Saturday, we do Disney Family Fun Night.  This is partly to prep for our big vacation in January.. making sure everyone has seen the movies that we'll see represented in the parks.  But it's also a way to deal with the interminable wait until January.  We've done several so far, but this past Saturday, I finally remembered to take pictures.  The theme was Pirates of the Caribbean.

We all dressed up, and even Mickey got in on the fun!  The kids pirate gear was from the dollar store, and we did a treasure hunt to find the goodies.

We decorated the table with some mardi gras beads and a skull from the dollar store, and some chocolate coins.  The kids also had a few pirate toys we set out.  For dinner, we had chicken wings, chicken nuggets, carrots/celery, and fruit 'swords'. 

Dessert was 'Black Pearl' cookies - sugar cookies with a Whopper and some chocolate frosting to hold it together.

In other news, we've started a new class with our homeschool group called Road Trip USA.  Basically, it's learning a little geography and history about the US.  This week we did Connecticut and Delware, and the kids built a suspension bridge to model the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  Lots of fun!

Oh!  One more thing.  I have a new design available in my Etsy Store.  How do you like it?  I've got to get started on some Christmas designs soon..

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