Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day Seven

Sunday started off with another lazy morning.  It was definitely a relief to not have to get up at 6:30 and rush us out to the bus stop.  We decided to try out Fantasia Gardens, one of Disney's two mini-golf courses.  We picked that one because using Disney transportation to that one sounded easier than the other.  What a joke we had played on us!  Getting there was a huge pain in the ass.  We had to take a bus to Downtown Disney, then transfer to a bus going to the Swan.  From there, we had to walk to the mini-golf place.  The directions had made it sound like it was just across the street, but it was about a 15 minute walk on sunny (read: hot and glare-y) sidewalks behind the hotel.  When we got there, the kids were hot and hungry, so we got them a snack and hung out at the shaded picnic tables for a few minutes, not realizing we had to sign up for a tee-time and couldn't just head onto the course (it looked empty).  So after we were ready to start golfing, we found out we had to wait another 20 minutes.  The golf course itself was themed well and was entertaining, but it was very hot and sunny, with very little shade.  It was a mostly miserable experience, and we contemplated cutting it short several times.  The only thing that kept us going was that we knew the last two or three holes had fun water features that threaten to soak golfers, and we wanted to try that.

So after that misery, we still faced the long walk back to the Swan bus stop.  We hopped on the first bus that arrived and went to Animal Kingdom to transfer to a bus heading to our resort.  There was a bit of good luck in that the bus we were on stopped directly across from a bus heading to our resort, so we only had to walk 10 feet and get right on another bus - which was very welcome since Niall had fallen asleep on me during the ride to Animal Kingdom.  The bad part was when we left Niall's new and much-loved monorail toy on the Swan-AK bus.  Thankfully the bus driver that took us to our resort was exceedingly nice and used her radio to find out if the driver had found the toy, and he had.  She offered to take us back to AK to get it, but we told her we'd just stop by Lost and Found in a day or two.

We had some downtime and relaxed before heading to dinner at 1900 Park Fare.  I was disappointed in that meal, even though I'd been really looking forward to it.  There wasn't a whole lot of food I found appetizing, and the Stepsisters, who we had been most eager to see, were 'out sick' and the Fairy Godmother filled in.  It was still nice to see Prince Charming, since he's not elsewhere in the parks, and we did have great interaction with Lady Tremaine.  After dinner, we checked out the gift shop near the monorail station and both shopped for and traded pins.  I almost enjoyed that more than dinner!

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