Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day Two

Our second full day in Disney World meant making it to Epcot for Extra Magic Hours Rope Drop.  We quickly settled into a routine of me getting the stroller completely packed for our next day and then showering while Doug put the kids to bed.  Then we'd get up at about 6:15, he'd shower and I'd get dressed, then we'd get the kids up and we'd all be out the door by about 7:00.  Doug and one or both of the boys would stop in the food court to fill up a few of our refillable mugs while I took the littles to wait in the lobby.

So anyway, we got to Epcot just before rope drop and got to watch some lovely older CMs dancing to the opening music.  We headed straight to Test Track, which I rode with Lachlann, after obtaining a Rider Swap pass.  I'd heard that the new version of Test Track left a lot to be desired, but I really enjoyed it.  The interactive queue and designing of your own car definitely improved it in my opinion, and the actual ride was pretty cool.  After our ride was over, I took the littles to do some shopping while Doug took Lachlann and Colwyn on Test Track.  Fiona picked out a Mickey ears hat with Cinderella's slipper on top, which I thought was kind of goofy, but she loved it.

Once we were done with Test Track, we decided to head into Innoventions to kill some time.  We had a reservation at Ohana and didn't think we'd have enough time for Soarin' or Mission Space (in hindsight, we probably would have).  We played the Fire Hazards game in Innoventions and had a pretty good time.  You get special flashlights to identify fire hazards on big screens meant to look like different rooms in the house.  Afterwards, we took a group picture in front of a fire truck and got to add lots of virtual stickers to them and email them to family.

On the way out of Epcot, we went on Spaceship Earth.  I can't recall ever riding it, though I suppose I did when I was really little.  The kids really loved it, mainly for the interactive "Build Your Future" thing on the way down.  We took the monorail over to the Polynesian where we had one of the last seatings at Ohana.  It was pretty empty and we got plenty of character interaction, making it one of our favorites.  As usual, Niall just adored the characters.  He was especially lovey to Mickey, and I heard Mickey say, "Awww!"  Pretty sure he's not supposed to do that, so I felt proud that my son was cute enough to make Mickey break character.  ;)  We had a great conversation with Lilo about Stitch and Niall being long lost cousins, due to Niall's trouble-making.  Stitch goofed around with the boys, loved the autograph book, and played around with Fiona's new hat.  Breakfast itself was really good, too.  Even though the family-style meal meant less variety than a buffet, it's really nice not having to get up and down all the time to refill everyone's plates.  We had a great view of the castle from our table, too.

Once we were all stuffed to bursting, we headed over to Magic Kingdom.  We got straight on the train and rode it around to Fantasyland.  We grabbed fastpasses for Dumbo then got in line to meet Daisy and Minnie.  Poor Niall fell asleep in line, and poor Doug had to hold him the whole time.  Daisy was very cute with Lachlann, who wasn't especially enthusiastic.  She played with his face, trying to make him smile.  When we moved on to Minnie, I committed a huge faux pas and called her Daisy.  She told me off and I was suitably apologetic.  She loved the autograph book, though, and danced for us like she is in her picture.  Minnie blew sleeping Niall a kiss and made us promise to bring him back when he was awake.

The Dumbo area of New Fantasyland unfortunately made a bad first impression on us.  For one, it was hot and incredibly sunny (presumably because all of the deciduous trees had dropped their leaves) - which was a big shock after the cool and overcast day we'd had at Animal Kingdom the day before.  But we also had trouble with the Barnstormer breaking down.  After meeting Minnie and Daisy, our fastpass window wasn't open yet, so we rode Dumbo standby so we could play in the new play area.  That queue is fantastic and, just for the record, every other attraction should use that system.  The only problem was that there was a lot for the under 18 month old set, and a lot for the 5+ set, but Fiona and Niall were a little bored - which seems weird since I figure they're really the target audience for Dumbo.  Anyway.  After Dumbo we grabbed fastpasses for the Barnstormer, then used our Dumbo fastpasses to ride again.  By then our Barnstormer window was open, but just as we were about to get in line, it broke down.  So we headed over to the teacups - a pleasant surprise since they were supposed to be closed for refurb.  The carousel was next, then we grabbed fastpasses for Pooh.  We managed to convince the kids to ride the Haunted Mansion, which they hadn't done before.  They liked it okay, except for the part where we got stuck in the crystal ball room for about five minutes.

We ate lunch in the Columbia Harbor House.  I had the lobster roll while Doug had fried shrimp.  We were all happy with the meal and the break from the sun and heat.  We tried to use our Pooh fastpasses next, but once again - the ride broke down right after we entered the line.  They advised us to leave the queue and that they'd honor late fastpasses, so we headed back over to the Barnstormer.  Thankfully it was operating this time.  Colwyn and Lachlann absolutely loved it.  Niall seemed a little iffy, but told us he really liked it.  Fiona was pretty terrified during the ride itself.  As we pulled into the unloading area, I asked her if she liked it.  She said she loved it, so when I asked if she wanted to ride it again, she screamed "NO!" in a very horrified voice.

Pooh was back open when we went by again so we rode that, then tried to pull the sword from the stone in front of the carousel.  We got in line for Tiana and Naveen next, and while we waited, Doug and the boys went to check out the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom booth over there.  They signed up and got a little demo on how to play.  Tiana and Naveen were great and we had some great conversation about the autograph book.  I apologized to Naveen for making his picture be of when he got mixed up with the Shadow Man, and we joked about bringing up sore subjects.  We decided to get some Dole Whips next - Niall and I ate ours while Doug took Colwyn, Lachlann, and Fiona in the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, then we let Niall run around while they had their Dole Whips.

We headed back to the resort early that night after such a long day.  Doug took Colwyn, Lachlann, and Fiona to swim in the pool while Niall helped me ice my feet in the bath tub.  He had so much fun splashing around that I ended up giving him a bath.  Doug and the kids showed up with a large pizza and four desserts, which was a great deal at just two QS credits, since it fed us all.

We were all exhausted, but 'finally' walking into Magic Kingdom was wonderful.. and we really were so pleased that the Christmas decorations were still up.  I mean, how can you beat this view?

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