Friday, May 24, 2013

Success and a New Challenge

I am pleased to announce that I was a winner in my DietBet!  I reached my goal weight (4% lost) just in the nick of time and made $25 to boot!  That's not bad, huh?

I had so much fun doing this DietBet, and really found the accountability and camaraderie helpful that I've decided to start my own DietBet!  I'd absolutely love for you to join!  It's a way to motivate yourself to get healthy, and you might just make some money off of it!  So, please.. consider joining.  I'd love to have some people to play with!

Oh, and as a side note - you do not have to make your weight public.  I know I was concerned about that at first, but it's quite easy to keep your weight hidden and only show how close you are to reaching your goal.

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