Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day Seven - Typhoon Lagoon

Sunday was a little more relaxing than Saturday, thank goodness.  Our only plans for the day were to hit Typhoon Lagoon.  We took our time getting ready and got there just after rope drop.  The changing rooms weren't quite as nice as at Blizzard Beach (it is an older park, after all), but worked just fine.  Since we were a smidge late, we missed out on the good lounge chairs, but we snagged a few regular chairs in the shade.  We tried out Castaway Creek, the lazy river, first as a way to get oriented in the park.  Doug and I really preferred this lazy river as it was deeper, so not as much scraping on the bottom for us.

After one lap, the littles and I got out to play in Ketchakiddee Creek, the play area for little kids.  There were some fun little slides, a lot of water fountains, hoses, and squirt guns.  The kids loved the ship part of the play area.  It wasn't quite as much fun on my end, as there wasn't a nice shady spot in the pool where I could sit and watch, but oh well.  Niall and Fiona had a fantastic time.

Doug took the boys on a lot of the slides.  They did Gangplank Falls, Humunga Kowabunga, Keelhaul Falls, and Storm Slides together.  Doug let them do Crush N Gusher on their own while he waited in the pool at the bottom.  As expected, the boys absolutely loved all the water slides.  They were going to swim with the sharks in the Shark Reef, but Lachlann chickened out so they just took some pictures in front of the giant shark teeth.

We split up for lunch - while the boys were sliding, Fiona and Niall got hungry so we wandered over to one of the quick service places to get some food.  While we were eating, we saw a black cat hanging out in the bushes.  The littles thought that was very cool for some reason.  We took the lazy river back to Ketchakiddee, stopping on the way to shoot the water cannons at people in the river.  Doug and the big kids got food, too, then we switched turns.  I took Colwyn and Lachlann into the big wave pool, despite being really nervous about their ability to swim.  They can manage okay, but they're not especially strong swimmers (and it certainly isn't pretty).  But they did fine!  We tested the big waves out in the shallow end and the kids thought it was hilarious how difficult it was to stay standing when the wave hits. Then we went out deep and had fun dunking under the big waves.  After 3-4 waves, though, they were done, so we did a lap in the lazy river before catching up with the others.

While in the river, my face started stinging really badly.  I had reapplied sunscreen before heading to the wave pool, so I guess that's what it was, but it hurt an awful lot.  Fiona had complained of something similar while we were in the lazy river after eating.  I was pretty much done because I was so uncomfortable, but the boys wanted to try the Shark Reef again, and Niall wanted to do one of the slides near the wave pool.  So Doug took the boys to get Niall to go down the slide (with Colwyn and Lachlann catching at the bottom) while Fiona and I stayed in the shade on the path.  Lachlann caught Niall at the bottom just as a big wave was coming, so he grabbed him and "saved him from the wave" as he put it.  But he got knocked down somehow and scratched his knee, which put an end to the Shark Reef idea.  I don't think his scratch would have caused a feeding frenzy or anything, but it was enough to push Lachlann over the edge and we decided to just go.

We got back to the room around 4pm or so after doing that stupid transfer at Epcot and pretty much just hung around for the night.  It was really nice just relaxing for a change!

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