Sunday, September 21, 2014

Days Thirteen and Fourteen - Jupiter and Blizzard Beach

It was time to wrap things up!  On Saturday, we picked up a rental car and drove down to Jupiter to visit my family.  We had a great time talking with Amma, Rik, Maria, and Emily.  The kids had a great time playing with little Rikki!  Fiona especially got into some sort of chase game with him, it was really sweet.  Emily opened up after a bit and told us all about her cosplay, which was cool to hear about.  We had a lovely lunch, but then before we knew it, it was time to head back.  We were back in the Orlando area around 6:00pm, but drove around a bit checking out houses for rent on Zillow (well, not the actual houses, but the neighborhoods that they're in).  It was nice to see that there were big houses, with pools, in safe areas for not too much money.

We packed up a lot that night when we got back to the room, just leaving a bit to finish in the morning.  After we were all ready, we checked our bags with Magical Express (LOVE that service), left our carry-ons with Bell Services, and hopped on a bus to Blizzard Beach.  After getting changed, we grabbed a chair in the Tikes Peak area (we were late so only got one, but no biggie) and Doug and the bigs went off to slide while I hung out with the littles.

When they came back, we were all getting hungry, so we got some food from the main quick service place, then did a lap in the lazy river and played in the wave pool.  We also did another ride on Teamboat Springs, which Fiona was thankfully excited about instead of scared.  They all had a great time on the slide.  Doug and I took the littles back to Tikes Peak and told the boys they could play in the Ski Patrol area or go in the lazy river so long as they stayed together, and that we would come and get them in a bit.

 Well, when it was time to go get them, we could only find Colwyn.  It turned out that Lachlann had missed the 'stay together' part and had gone to the lazy river.  He was fine, but it was a sticky few minutes and Doug even went so far as to go check the Lost Kids area while I watched the lazy river from a bridge.  Finally we spotted him, and then it was time to head out.  We changed and posed for a picture (or four) near the exit, then headed back to our resort for dinner.

Nobody was especially hungry, but we still had five quick service meals to use up, so we got food (we shared a bit, too).

We all wanted one last Mickey bar (except for Colwyn, who got a bag of gummy candy.  Once again, Fiona's fell off the stick and onto the floor, but 'luckily' I hadn't eaten too much of mine, so I gave her mine.  We also grabbed a few cookies and Rice Krispie treats since we had extra snack credits leftover.

And then it was time to board Magical Express and head home.  It was definitely a mixed feeling - after being so sick, tired, and hot, we were almost glad to come home.  Plus, with the interview Doug had, there's always the possibility that we'd be back soon!

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