Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Change Is In The Air

For the last six months or so (maybe more), we've been talking seriously about making a big change - moving to Florida.  Since having kids, winter has become more and more unpleasant.  Despite living in New England all our lives, my kids and I are just not winter people.  This last year, we had a pretty convenient place to sled - about ten feet from our front door.  Lots and lots of pristine snow.  And guess how often the kids wanted to play outside.  Twice.  And the second time they came in pretty quickly.  They would much rather be swimming than playing in the snow.

That's how the idea of moving gained traction, but as we started looking more into it, we found many more positives.  A big one is that in Florida, we can get way more house for our money.  We've got a 1600 square foot three bedroom with many, many flaws (biggest of which are on a busy road with a 55 mph speed limit and no real usable outdoor space).  For less money, we could have a 2200+ square foot 4 bedroom with a screened, in-ground pool with a lovely covered patio for outdoor eating.

We're focusing our search on the Orlando area, partly because it's convenient to several different areas we like, it's a more liberal city compared to other areas in Florida, and yes, proximity to theme parks.  We went on vacation in early September and Doug had a great job interview while we were down there, so fingers crossed that we'll be moving this fall!

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