Thursday, October 9, 2014

We're Moving!

Doug was offered the position following his interview in September, and after some back and forth, he accepted!  He's very excited about it (working with Army Research, a boy's dream!), and I'm thrilled that we'll soon be Floridians!

There is so much to do, though, and I'm a little overwhelmed.  Doug has to be in his office in Orlando on November 17th, but he's actually starting next week; they're letting him telecommute to make our transition easier.  The last week and a half have been crazy for him at his current job as he tries to tie things up.  Colwyn's birthday is on October 24th, and my mother is throwing us a going-away get-together on October 25th, then Doug will fly to Orlando to do some face to face meetings around Halloween.  We'll be trick-or-treating at my parents' house an hour away on Halloween (whether Doug will be with us or not remains to be seen), then the next day will be Colwyn's birthday party at our house!  After that, we've got two weeks to finish packing everything up and make the big move!  I think the next month is probably going to be just a wee bit chaotic.

On top of all that, we're dealing with some sadness about the move, too.  As excited as we are about going south, we're really sad to leave our family behind.  My parents are handling the change as best as they can, but obviously they're pretty upset.  I think the only consolation is that we're not intending to stay in Florida permanently, just for a couple of years. It will depend a lot on how much we like it, of course, but I think Doug especially would love to move back up here at some point.

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