Saturday, December 27, 2014

Instagram & Catching Up

I'm probably not a typical blogger.  Or maybe I am typical, but I'm not a good blogger.  Either way, I'm terrible at getting updates out on time.  Here's the thing.  I take lots of pictures while we're out and doing fun things (or even when we're just staying at home doing boring things).  Instead of posting them all to Facebook and annoying my friends who don't really care, I finally signed up for an Instagram account.  This is mainly for my family who miss us dearly and want to see loads of pictures, whether they're boring or not.  If you want to check it out, I'm here:  Raums In FL.  I don't make a huge effort to make sure the pictures look great, I just want to show my family what we're doing.  So anyway.. I take lots of pictures, post most of them to Instagram.

Then when I get home, I write up notes (or sometimes actual paragraphs or whole blog posts) on what we did.  Now, if I were disciplined, I would just go through and add the pictures right then, and post it right away.  But I'm busy, and lazy, and distracted.. so I don't do that.  So you may see several blog posts come out in a day, back-dated, when I get around to finishing the drafts.

If you don't want to wait around, check out my Instagram account.  If you want the whole story, be patient and look here.  :)

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