Friday, December 19, 2014

Lake Eva Park & a New Homeschool Group

Central Florida, specifically the Orlando area, has a ridiculous number of homeschool groups.  I joined yet another one that does park days about a half hour south of us.  This park is pretty cool, and well worth the drive.

Lake Eva Park is on a lake - probably Lake Eva.  We parked near the water and walked along the beach to get to the playground, admiring the ducks as we walked.  There are two play structures, a smaller one and then a giant one with an enormous train.  Oh my god, is this thing cool.

The boys have seen so many movies where guys are running along the top of a moving train that they could not resist trying that out here (even though this train does not move).  They had a blast running back and forth along the top of the train cars.  I may have gotten a dirty look or two from a granddad with a toddler, but hey, what am I supposed to do?

To be honest, I remember that feeling.  When Colwyn and Lachlann were really little, I hated it when big kids were at the park.  They didn't use the play structure the 'right' way, they were bad role models, and they ran way too fast.  Now my kids are the big kids, and I can see it from both sides.  At least my kids have a lot of experience playing with very little children, and they're very careful around babies and toddlers at the park.

Anyway, back to Lake Eva.  As you can see, this park has big shade sails, too, yay!  There's a screened area with picnic tables that you can rent, and nearby is a pool/splash pad thingy that you can pay to use - kind of like the Exeter, NH community pool we went to a lot over the summer.  I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff to do there, too, but we focused on the playground.  There were two other lovely moms there, with lots of girls for Fiona to play with (though she was feeling too shy) and a 12 year old boy who, had Colwyn and Lachlann not also been feeling too shy, would have been a good possible friend.  Oh well.. next time.

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