Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Awesome New Playground

In our quest to find the best parks in the area, we went off looking for Palatlakaha Park which, according to the City of Clermont's website, has a huge wooden play structure in addition to a fishing pier/nature walk, all sorts of ball fields, and bathrooms.  I put Palatlakaha Park in the GPS and we set off.  It took us to this tiny little park that did indeed have a boardwalk type thing, but the playground was minuscule.  Of course, we were out in the middle of nowhere and I didn't have a signal.  After driving around for a bit, I was able to get the City of Clermont's website to load on my phone and saw that they describe the location as the unspecific "Twelfth Street just south of Highway 50."  So we drove over that way, and finally, a full hour after leaving the house, we found the right park.

I'm still not sure what it's really called (it doesn't show up on Google Maps at all), but it was in fact a very cool park.  Lots of ball fields, sure, but the play structure was the big attraction for us.  It was similar to Eagle's Nest playground in Ipswich or Planet Playground in Exeter.

The playground is shaded by huge trees with lots of 'moss' hanging down.  It's very cool.  The fishing pier/nature walk is pretty cool, too.  There are tons of signs warning you to not feed the alligators, but we didn't see any.  We'll definitely be going back to whatever this park is called.

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