Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our first holiday in Florida!  We were invited to spend the holiday with family down near West Palm Beach, but we were (are) so exhausted from unpacking that we weren't up for the 6 hours in the car that would require.  A nice quiet Thanksgiving in our new home was just what we needed.

I made the acorn squash and butternut squash the day before, which let me have a nice lazy morning watching the parade with the kids while Doug got the turkey going.  I got my gouda mashed potatoes done just as the turkey finished, and Doug took care of the stuffing.  It was a gorgeous day outside, not quite 70 degrees and sunny, so we decided to eat out on the lanai.  It was actually our first meal out there, and it was a good one!

I asked the kids to put on some decent clothes instead of just t-shirts, and this is what they came up with.  The hat is from Colwyn's Indiana Jones costume, but it reminds me a lot of Carl from Walking Dead.  It's a bit unnerving.

I don't know if Niall was pretending to punch the camera or what.  Fiona and Niall ate as little as they could get away with so they could go play with some toys in the Jacuzzi.  Doug and I cleaned up super quick because we promised we'd take the kids to see Big Hero Six.

The closest theater to us is actually the AMC at Downtown Disney.  We were excited to try out the new parking garage which is right next to the AMC.  We'd heard many a rant about the parking situation at Downtown Disney and this parking garage that they took forever to build, so we were really surprised to pull up to see that it's maybe halfway done, and only partially operational.  It was painfully (and hilariously) clear that they were getting way too many complaints about the lack of parking and opened it up as soon as they had a few spaces that people could park in.  It was quite convenient to the West Side, though, but I'd have been pissed if that was the only parking and I only wanted to go to the Marketplace (which is a good long walk at the other end of Downtown Disney).

We all absolutely loved Big Hero Six.  Baymax totally stole the show.  Doug and I were giggling at his antics right along with the kids.  Aside from that, the movie had a lot of heart and I really loved the emphasis on STEM.  I have a lot of favorite Disney movies, and this one is definitely close to the top.

We had decided to skip the pies and other desserts because we knew the kids would want to get candy at the movie theater.  But we got there so soon after gorging ourselves at lunch that we weren't hungry, so we made the long walk to the Marketplace and Goofy's Candy Company.

We missed it on our last vacation, so the kids were really excited to get to pick out a treat from here (and even more excited to not have to stick to items on the Dining Plan!).  Lachlann got a giant chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookie shaped like a Mickey head, Fiona got a pink Mickey cake pop, Niall got a M&M and chocolate covered Mickey Rice Krispie treat, and Colwyn did a make-your-own Rice Krispie Treat which ended up being just like Niall's.

 They had an amazing time, and it was lovely to be out at Downtown Disney.  The Christmas decorations looked great, and it was cool and breezy - such a difference from the last time we were there!

On the way home, we decided to swing by Walmart because they had a good deal on Disney Infinity figures, among other things, but when we pulled up, we were shocked at how packed it was.  Their oversized lot was full, as was the (closed) Lowes' lot next door, and the couple of fast food restaurant lots closer to the road.  It was bonkers!  So instead we went home, had a little bit of leftovers and cuddled, then put the kids to bed.  Then I ran out to Michael's and Target, both of which were packed as well.  I wasn't expecting so many stores to be open Thanksgiving evening and for it to be so busy.  We're not in Massachusetts anymore!

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