Saturday, November 29, 2014

Photo Shoot at Wilderness Lodge/Ft Wilderness

We headed over to Disney to take our Christmas picture this year.  We saw the parks decorated for Christmas when we did our January 2013 vacation, but didn't get a chance to see any of the resorts decked out for the season.. so we've been very excited to explore all the resorts we never bothered with because we were too busy riding rides.

Our first stop was the Wilderness Lodge, and I was super excited.  I've heard wonderful things about the resort, and it's definitely right up my alley - I love the style/theming and if I could live there, I totally would.

We got photos in a bunch of different spots so we'd have lots of options.  The lighting wasn't the best, and I was only using our point and shoot (with four kids to wrangle, it's not worth it to me to mess around with different settings).

The kids loved looking down into the lobby from the upper floors.  Seriously.. this has got to be one of the most beautiful resorts, Christmas or not.

We headed outside to check out the grounds and decided to take the boat over to Fort Wilderness since it was such a lovely day.  The light outside was amazing for pictures, but kind of hard on the eyes during the boat ride.

We got this great picture at Ft Wilderness, which we ended up sending with our Christmas cards.   I think it's funny how they're all wearing (relatively) nice clothes, but flip flops and Crocs.

We let the kids play on the playground for a few minutes, then went over to the Tri-Circle-D Ranch, which is where they house all the horses they use at Disney World (that pull the trolley and whatnot).  The kids thought that was pretty awesome (and so did Doug and I).  Fiona was especially excited about the horse that kept nickering in response to her blowing raspberries.

We headed back to Wilderness Lodge after a bit and got these photos near the waterfall.  There was a lot of construction going on, but we found some good spots for pics.

This one is my favorite, hands down.  I was trying to get them to just stand next to each other, but Fiona and Niall were being silly, and I got this shot just before Colwyn and Lachlann pushed them away.  Adorable!

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