Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Home At Last!

I'd like to say that the last part of our long drive, from Atlanta to Orlando, was uneventful - but it wasn't.  Just after crossing into Florida and picking up Popeye's for lunch, Fiona lost a tooth!  I thought I was going to have to pull over because she tends toward the dramatic and it was bleeding a bit, but I passed her some napkins and she took care of it all by herself!  I was so proud of her.  The one hiccup was that she dropped the tooth when she was passing it to me and we thought it was lost under the car seat, but Colwyn saved the day and found it once we arrived at our hotel that night.  And yes, tooth fairies visit hotels!

The next day we got to the realtor's nice and early, but it took for-frickin'-ever to get everything done there.  I've been kind of glossing over the things that went wrong on this trip (almost everything), but I'll mention this part.  The realty office kept losing our paperwork and needing us to fax it or email it over and over again.  Even after Doug went into the office (I had to wait outside because we had the pets in the car), he kept coming out with paperwork for me to sign that I'd already signed several times.  It was crazy.  But we finally got the keys, said good-bye to Doug, and headed over to Davenport (stopping at Taco Bell and Panda Express for lunch, of course).

The house is pretty amazing.  It's incredibly big compared to what we're used to, and the cats really love the high places.  Milky Way wasted no time getting up on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Moxie preferred the bi-fold closet doors.  I don't know why she was so desperate to get up there, but she did it.

The house is furnished, which at first I thought would be a big problem, but it actually is really great.  For one, the trailer isn't going to be here for a few more days, and it's nice having a place to sit, eat, and sleep.  The furniture isn't quite my style, but whatever.  Fiona and Niall love the nightstands in the master bedroom, as you can see:

I just can't get over the kitchen counters!  Look at this!  It's ridiculous.  We definitely won't be complaining about not having any space to prep food.  And the laptop finally has a permanent home now, which should prevent some of the trouble we've been having with the kids being too rough with it.  When they move it from place to place, they damage the power connector so it won't charge - we had to get a docking station for it, which charges it a different way (it was that or buy a new laptop, which we had to do last time).  Anyway.. not a problem any more!

The kids' absolute favorite thing is the pool, though!  Even though it was cold when we got here (like I said, 50's and cloudy followed us from Maine), the kids wanted to jump right in.  It's really kind of surreal - being in Orlando and being cold, and letting the kids swim when it's 52 degrees out.  Not that they swam for long, but still..

Oh well, it made them happy and didn't hurt.

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