Monday, November 24, 2014

Littles' Bedrooms Are Unpacked!

We read a lot of advice before moving, and one of the things everyone suggests is to get the kids' bedrooms set up first before you devote a lot of time to the rest of the house.  We took that to heart and while the rest of the house is in disarray, the littles's bedrooms are mostly done.

Here's Fiona's room before:

The whole back wall is basically her play house area, with the toy kitchen, doll beds and clothes armoire, and strollers.  A giant basket of stuffed animals and her rolling Barbie storage drawers are at the foot of her bed.  We draped her Rapunzel braids over the valance, but we'll switch out the valance as soon as the rest of the house is unpacked.  She's also got Colwyn's comforter on her bed right now because hers is packed away somewhere and I'm not sure.

Some of her dress-ups are hung up on Command hooks on the closet doors (the rest are in her closet), and her dollhouse is up on the nightstand.  I'm hoping that it will get played with more this way since it's a little easier for her to access, compared to when it was just on the floor.  More dolls under the nightstand.

Random bins of toys (all nicely sorted.. for now).  Her bookshelf has her Rapunzel decor, and next to her bed on the IKEA bins are some trinkets from her Amma and Disney Princess peg people that Auntie Kristine painted for her.

I'm pleased that I managed to get Niall's room done today, too, 'cause it was almost as overwhelming as Fiona's!  We had to take an extra twin bed out of here (the headboard moved into Fiona's room and Fiona's came out - hers was wicker and just kind of hideous).  He picked out the Thomas comforter himself and is quite proud of it.  All of his toys fit in here neatly (unless there are some toy boxes still in the garage.. god, I hope not).  Amazingly, his room was still clean at bedtime.. woohoo!

More toys, neatly organized in bins, and his teeny dresser.  So cute.

Obviously, the artwork has to come down out of his room, but that won't happen until the garage is cleared out a bit more.  I'm thinking about painting some canvases for each of the kids' rooms as Christmas presents.. we'll see.

Colwyn's room is mostly unpacked, too, but we haven't decorated.  He wants to decorate with all the Harry Potter birthday party props we have, so that shouldn't be too hard.  Mostly we just need to get rid of the froufy decor up there.  And Lachlann's room is liveable, but he's still got a box or two (Legos) that aren't unpacked yet.

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