Monday, July 26, 2010

Backyard Orchard

Last spring, we planted some fruit trees in our huge, unused side yard - two peaches and two apples. There's already a mature pear tree there, though it rarely fruits. Our baby trees haven't grown much, and I figured we were neglecting them more than was wise (we pretty much haven't touched them at all since we planted them). This is one of our peaches.. all the branches go off to the side of the trunk, and I can't figure out how to fix it. My poor lame peach tree.

So, I was completely shocked when my dad came up to me today after doing some weed-whacking in the yard, and said, "Do you know you have some peaches on your peach trees?"

I can't believe it! Aren't they just so gorgeous? I'm immensely proud of them, which is ridiculous since I didn't do a single thing to help them grow. But this tree has four peaches on it, and the other tree has one. They're teeny, and still hard as a rock, so I don't think they're ready to be picked yet. I wasn't expecting any fruit until next year, and I probably should have prevented the tree from fruiting this year if I'd noticed, but still.. I guess my baby trees are doing okay after all.

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