Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day Two of Sugar Detox

Today's day two of going sugar-free. I've had some headaches in second half of the day, tons of cravings, and it almost feels like I'm mourning my Ben & Jerry's and peanut butter M&Ms. It's so, so hard.. and it feels like nobody around knows how difficult this is for me. Doug definitely doesn't, but he's still being very supportive. I know I'll feel great soon enough, and I'm crossing my fingers I can last that long. I haven't had any refined sugar. I have had a good deal of watermelon and a handful of Triscuits (with hummus). On a good note, I've discovered the joys of quinoa, which I think will be a new staple in our house, replacing couscous and rice in a lot of our meals.

I made baked oatmeal with apples and cinnamon, omitting the brown sugar.. and it's not so great. It's not bad, but I definitely have to force it down in the same way I had to force down stovetop oatmeal. That's not a new thing for me, so I can deal with it. I figure I'll alternate baked oatmeal and smoothies for breakfast.


  1. When I had gestational diabetes, the carb withdrawal sucked. I know I'm a sugar addict too-- laying off the ice cream this summer has been painful enough. Anyway, wanted to let you know I can relate. An online friend of mine has a crock pot oatmeal recipe that her family loves, I think it would fit pretty well with your needs, I'll ask her to send it!

  2. How did the detox go? I just checked "Journal of a non dieter" and saw you had a new blog. Don't give up!