Monday, July 5, 2010

Goofy Girl's Car Trip

Fiona is newly 2 years old. She is a very silly girl. Totally adorable, charming, etc.. but a total goofball.

We decided to drive the hour to IKEA today. They were having a big sale, though nothing we bought was actually on sale (I know, I know). We got four sets of Trofast shelves for the kids toys and plan to totally clear out their playroom. Fiona had a great time in the store and was super well behaved. The big deal, though, was that I was really nervous about the drive.. our babies tend to scream nonstop in the car, and while Niall has been more tolerant thus far, I didn't have high hopes for this trip. Luckily, he did great and only needed us to pop his binky in a few times each way. Fiona, on the other hand.. she had me turning back to adjust her AC vent dozens of times, to stop her from chewing on her sandals, to brush off the bag of Cheerio snack mix she'd dumped on her lap, and to do the obligatory tickling.