Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Postpartum Visit

Today was Lauren's last visit. It was kind of sad, after having so many long, wonderful visits, to realize that I most likely won't see her again. With homebirth midwives, the care is so much more personal, you really get to know your caregiver a lot better. In the six months I've known her, she's learned more about me than my OBGYN has in the 6+ years I've been seeing her.

Today we talked about some of her recent experiences as a doula for clients who have delivered at Beverly Hospital. Now, Beverly Hospital is one of the better hospitals in the area if you're attempting natural childbirth or VBAC, but still.. the situation is pretty dismal. I feel so grateful that I was able to opt out of that environment for two of my births, not just for being able to avoid the risks of hospital birth, but for such wonderful memories like this one, just minutes after Niall's birth:

Thank you, Lauren. And thank you to every homebirth midwife for allowing women to have more options.

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