Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rock Bottom?

I don't know that I'd say I've hit rock bottom, but as I was standing in the grocery store bathroom listening to my older boys pee competitively, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was horrifying. This picture doesn't even do it justice, as I was also wearing my newborn in a wrap, and wraps only highlight fat rolls.

This is where I should make all sorts of pledges to eliminate refined sugars and trans-fats, to control portion sizes, to exercise regularly, etc, etc. The problem is, I've got four kids, one of whom is a newborn. I'm sleep-deprived, sometimes grouchy, and to make matters worse, a medication I take has the side effect of increasing hunger. So I'm not going to make any pledges or promises. I'm just going to do my best. And when I fail, I'm just going to pick myself back up and try again.

Most of you are probably coming in from my Weight Watchers site, so you'll probably be disappointed that I'm not following Weight Watchers just now. Honestly, I don't have the time to measure and count. Instead, I'm killing two birds with one stone. I don't produce enough breastmilk, so I'm trying to eat a lactogenic (milk producing) diet. Naturally, lactogenic foods are healthy, so hopefully I'll be able to lose some weight in the process. This morning I had oatmeal, lunch was carrots, hummus, some walnuts, and chicken. Dinner will be a wash because we're planning on having Hamburger Helper, but maybe I can have some dark leafy greens with it.


  1. Hi. My name is Rachel too, and I too am over 100 lbs overweight. I have 3 kids ages 3-7 and also homeschool. I have done weight watchers briefly a few years ago and lost 14 lbs without exercising but gave up quickly when I realized the more weight I lost, the less points I could consume! I guess it was the wrong way to look at it, but still, it discouraged me so much to think about it that way that I just gave up. Now...almost 30 lbs heavier...I am trying to get my motivation up again to do weight watchers. That's how I stumbled across your website. Glad I did. I plan to follow I myself am trying to start weight watchers. We can encourage each other! :) Take care.

  2. I'm right there with you only I'm 38, it doesn't get easier as we age. I'm at 259 ish. I can't believe I just wrote that! I am determined to do this! I have a 2 year old little miracle of a daughter and I want to be around for her! I will follow your blog as I hope to think of you as my partner in this journey! Thanks for being brave enough to put yourself out there! I feel like I just found a new friend! :)

  3. i am 59 yrs old and have fought this battle all my life. i had gastric bypass 7 yrs ago and lost all the weight i wanted - i kept it off for several yrs, but started creeping back up (to the tune of about 30lbs) in the last 2 yrs. made a move to florida and found out about "happy hour" hahaha. hubby ( who also had bypass 5 yrs ago) both decided to joing ww and get our lifestyle back in control. we are going on 4th week and he has lost 10lbs and i have lost 7lbs. i am determined to get back down. when i had surgery i went from size 24 to a size 4 - then stabalized at a size 6. i am back into 10's now and am determined to get my fat a__ back into those 6's by next yr. if i can do it you all can to so let's all work together!! will be checking in with all of you, gl - goldheart

  4. don't know if you girls are still reading this or not. in 5 wks i have lost 10 lbs. i am not trying to set the land speed record - i am trying to accomplish a goal. i started out thinking i would loose around 25 lbs altogether, but now am thinking around 40 is where i really want to be. regardless - that would put me 1/4 of the way there so i am very happy. not that i haven't had a few bumps but i am just going to keep paddling until i get there. sure would like to here from both of you and see how you are doing. goldheart

  5. I have never posted anything before so here goes! I stumbled across this and as a successful ex-weight watcher "gone bad". For years I have tried to prove that I could eat anything I wanted without a bit of exercise and not gain weight! How silly, I really do know better, I developed the "oh it's just a few pounds" and I can take it off anytime I want. HA HA! Who was I kidding! Those "few extra pounds" have now turned into 50. I have made the decision to return to Weight Watchers. When I was going before we did a LOT of weighing and measuring. Will have to learn all about this point system they have had for years. Keep paddling Velma. I will try to keep up with you!