Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Midsummer Garden

Our garden is a little behind this year (okay, that's putting it mildly). With the new baby and everything, we were slow getting started, and really scaled back, too. But I have six pots of bush beans going, and we've got some teeny little beans!

Normally we do tomatoes in pots, but this year we put them in one of our raised beds. We've got eight plants going, a mix of regular and cherry/grape varieties. I don't know how successful they'll be.. I had Doug plant them, but neglected to tell him how to remove the lower branches and plant it very deeply to encourage root growth. Then to make matters worse, I didn't get out there to stake and prune them for a few weeks, so they're not in great shape. However.. nature is resiliant and we've got bunches of wee tomatoes.

I also did something goofy.. I wanted to plant a bunch of marigolds from seed and expected them to turn out like the six packs you get at the grocery store. Well, these are my marigolds:

Apparently, I bought the wrong kind of seeds. They're about two feet tall. Oops.

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